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Ferocious Scorpio is linked with Death, a symbol of new beginnings and metamorphoses. Death rarely refers to physical death in a Tarot reding and rather points to the end of cycles and new beginnings. It is also linked to an ability to deal with grief. This link actually indicates a person who is full of life, as they bounce back easily from pain and disappointment, and are always excited by the prospect of something new.

Free flowing and watery Sagittarius is connected to Temperance, a symbol of balance and deeper meaning.

Astrology Tarot Correspondences - Your Tarot Cards by Zodiac Signs (Infographic)

Temperance in a reading often calls for patience and is a reminder that all things come in their own time. This link points to a person who strives to be moderate in their approach to lie, but is actually prone to taking things too far. Devoted Capricorn is connected with the Devil, a symbol of materialism and playfulness. When the Devil appears in a reading it is often a sign that a person feels out of control and needs to take back control of their destiny.

This link indicates a person with a forceful personality and a drive to succeed. Airy Aquarius is linked to the Star, a symbol of hope, faith and rejuvenation. The Star often carries a message of hope, healing and renewal. This link indicates a person who is optimistic and altruistic, always thinking about the needs of others.

Daily Tarot Reading for February 22, 2018 ๐Ÿ™Listen Within - Magnetic Tarot

Pisces is linked to the Moon, a symbol of intuition. The Moon often appears in a tarot reading when a person is feeling anxious or doubting themselves, and encourages the person to trust their gut.

This link indicates a person who can fit in anywhere and easily connect with others. Taurus April May 20 โ€” The Hierophant Earth based Taurus is linked to the Hierophant, a symbol of tradition and conformity, as well as ethics and morals.

Mars enters Scorpio

Gemini May June 20 โ€” The Lovers The dual nature of airy Gemini is linked to the Lovers, a symbol of partnership, duality and self love. Leo July August 22 โ€” Strength Bold and fiery Leo is connected with Strength, a symbol of bravery, focus and compassion. Expect some discussion, some practice, a little learning handouts! Read more Read less.

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The Magician Meaning

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