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  1. Gemini Marriage Horoscope 12222
  2. Gemini Daily Horoscope in Urdu 18th January 2018
  3. Gemini Marriage Horoscope 12222: You May Face A Few Obstacles, But That Won’t Spoil The Party
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With the increase in the income or salary, your expenses will grow too. Hence, try to maintain a healthy balance between income and expenses. As per Gemini horoscope , this year will be good for students. Students will pass examinations with good grades and their sincerity towards studies will be maintained.

Essentially, your hard work and dedication for studies will decide your future course in life. You will be mentally strong and energetic. Your enthusiasm and dedication for studies will be commendable. Your classmates as well as teachers will encourage you in all your endeavors. If you continue to work hard with similar passion and enthusiasm, then you can achieve any goal that you aim for. If you have been preparing for any competitive examination, then you will achieve success this year; but you will have to work day and night for the same.

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  • Daily Horoscope in Urdu 12222;

The year will be especially great for the law students, and they will get immense opportunities for growth. But you must be careful while selecting the college or institution for your law studies. The students of Arts should also focus on the professional courses to grow career wise.

Gemini Marriage Horoscope 12222

If you select a reputed institution for higher studies, then it will lead to long-term success in career. Read: Effect of planets in different houses. Your family life will be slightly better than the last year. Although few problems might crop up every now and then, overall family environment will be harmonious and peaceful.

Gemini Daily Horoscope in Urdu 18th January 2018

The beginning of the year, the months of January or February, will be slightly stressful for the family. Family disputes or conflicts might emerge that will disturb the family peace. There will be misunderstandings and disagreements within the family. Any property related dispute might also arise. You might organize a religious ceremony at home during this period. Some manglik work might be completed in the month of May or June. As far as parents are concerned, they might face few health problems this year.

Hence, you must take care of your parents and their health. Although your father will enjoy good health, your mother might experience few health issues. Your brothers or sisters will excel in studies or career, and they might achieve a major milestone in career or education. They might also travel abroad for work or studies. You might receive a surprise gift from your in-laws.

Gemini Marriage Horoscope 12222: You May Face A Few Obstacles, But That Won’t Spoil The Party

Respect and serve the elders in the family as it will bring you good luck. The month of December will be slightly sensitive in terms of Family life, hence, try to maintain peace and harmony in the family as much as you can. The Gemini Horoscope says that your marriage life will go as usual; few problems might arise every now and then though.

Your understanding with the spouse might decline leading to arguments or war of words.

Gemini Horoscope in Urdu - برج جوزا ~ Horoscope in Urdu - Horoscope in Urdu

This will weaken your relationship, and lead to further problems in the future. Hence, you must try to resolve any issues in an amicable manner and avoid unnecessary arguments or conflicts. Your marriage life will slightly improve in the months of March — April or November — December. Your disagreements will fade away and mutual understanding will improve. In fact, you might plan a vacation in a hill station and spend some close moments together.

Due to improvement in your relationship, the spouse will stand by you in all personal or professional matters, and play an important role in your success. Their success will make you very proud and happy. The months of January, April and October will be particularly favorable for the children, while the period starting from September to December will not be. The children might also travel to a foreign destination for higher studies.

This year will be especially good for the natives of Gemini zodiac sign love life.


You will enjoy spending time with your partner. You will feel quite happy and fortunate to have a loving partner. In the beginning of the year, you will try to find out opportunities to share your feelings and love with your partner. You will think about taking your relationship to the next level, and making your love partner a life partner. The month of April will be especially favorable for your love life and your relationship with the partner will become stronger.

If you have been looking for love, then you are likely to find your partner in the month of August and new love story will begin. Few misunderstandings might arise in the month of September. Try to resolve any misunderstanding through mutual dialogue or discussion. The situation might get better in the month of October. You might get some erotic thoughts in this period; but you must try to control these thoughts.

Parents or family might object to your love relationship initially, but they will give their consent later. Get rid of your doubts related to life, job, family: Ask a Question. According to the Gemini Horoscope , you will enjoy good health this year. No major health issues or problems are likely to surface. Few minor issues might arise off and on, but they will be successfully treated in time.

You must take care of health, eat well, exercise and avoid junk food as much as you can. You must be particularly careful in the month of January, when you might face few health challenges. There are high prospects of catching a skin related infection or illness, e. You might also develop problems like acne. The period starting from March to November will be favorable in terms of health and well-being. You will feel fit and energetic during this period, and no major health problems will surface.

But be careful nevertheless.

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You will keep yourself happy and stress-free. You might join a Yoga club or Gym to stay fit and healthy.

slopossure.tk But you must understand that, in addition to exercising, you need to live a healthy lifestyle too. You must follow proper sleep timings, and have adequate sleep. You must also eat at appropriate intervals, and avoid junk or oily food as much as you can. However, the month of December is not very favorable for your health. As per Gemini zodiac sign predictions, you might catch infections like cold or cough during this period. Although these are not major problems, you still need to be careful. Consult a medical practitioner if the problem persists.

In the year , you should follow the below remedies to get rid of various types of troubles and attain good results:.